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Having odor/pH concerns?
Experiencing vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy?
Want tighter vaginal walls?

Do you have frequent yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis?

Want to spica up your sex life?
For odorless, tighter, juicier vaginas

No odor after you use the bathroom 

No after sex odor

Enhances love making 

Get results in 4-6 hours 

Effect lasts 30 days 

Use after your menstrual cycle

Excellent for women to pescatarian diets 

Excellent for constant yeast infections

Relief from Herpes outbreaks

Relief from Hemorrhoids 


Only use 1-4 needed per month. Effects last up 10 days. 


Ingredients: Celtic salt, 3 herbal sea salts, Bamboo salts and vegan capsules.

Yoni Suppositories

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